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King's Estate Marlow
King's Estate Marlow

King's Estate Marlow


من مجلس منطقة يكومب: لا تعتبر هذه الأرض ملائمة للتنمية السكنية. وينبغي على
أي شخص يرغب في شراء قطعة الأرض ان يكون على علم بأن المجلس لا تتوقع الاضطرار
الى الافراج عن هذه الأرض من أجل التنمية. ننصحك الاتصال المجلس
 (هاتف رقم 01494421538 ) قبل الدخول في أي عقد لشراء هذه الأرض

Welcome to the Forty Green Preservation Society. We were set up by the local community in 1984 to protect the environment and tradition of the part of Marlow known as Forty Green. This is essentially the fields bordered by Bovingdon Green, Bovingdon Heights, Spinfield school and Chalkpit Lane. These 25 acre fields are open farmland and designated as Green Belt. This means that there is little hope of these fields being developed in the foreseeable future, so that we can maintain this small corner of the English countryside.

However, that doesn’t stop people trying! We remain ever-vigilant, hence setting up this website to keep the Marlow community well-informed as to any potential developments. We are very grateful to the on-going support that we have from Wycombe District Council for reinforcing the view that they do not need these fields to be developed (having already earmarked sites to meet the need for developments in the area) and do not intend to grant permission to build on these fields.

HOWEVER, last year the fields, which up to that point had been known as Daisy Lee Farm and been  home to many wonderful horses, were sold to a development company. They subsequently appointed GRE Portfolios in Oxford to market the land as King’s Estate Marlow, comprising 147 separate plots, available for purchase. On their website they cleverly identified these plots as suitable for investment on the basis of being strategic investment land. And that the fields would be perfect for residential property development to meet the need for more homes in the area. They have boasted about their success to date in selling many of these plots, to, we suspect, ill-advised overseas investors.

Wycombe District Council have served an Article 4 Direction on the land to make it very clear that purchasers do not even have the right to fence off their plot. Signs have been erected by the council stating ‘This land is not considered appropriate for residential development’. And yet the vendors agents continue to visit the fields and show them to prospective purchasers!

We will remain vigilant and we hope that the local community in Marlow will continue to support us. We are grateful to those who support us with their time and contributions, and to the local press.