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About the Forty Green Preservation Society

The Society was formed in 1984 by residents of Marlow interested in preserving the environment in which we live, particularly around the Forty Green area now given the name "King's Estate" by prospective developers. In 1984 Costains put forward a proposal to build a housing complex on "King's Estate" and this was vigorously and successfully opposed by the Society. After this, the land was designated an Area of Attractive Landscape and GREEN BELT by the planning authorities.  In planning terms this means that for the foreseeable future there is very little or NO hope of building permission.

Those of us with long memories will recall that the fields at Forty Green were used for cattle grazing but for the last 20 or so years horses have occupied the fields. Residents not only prefer to overlook these pastoral scenes than a busy housing estate but are also mindful of the dangers that extra motor vehicles will bring to the community, especially the children, if a housing development were to be approved,  when they try to navigate the narrow access roads one of which is single carriageway with passing points and another goes past a school.

Following the declaration of Forty Green as Green Belt land some 20 years ago, the Forty Green Preservation Society has kept a watchful eye on the fields and successfully opposed attempts to put infrastructure on the fields such as roadways which could be used in part-justification of later building proposals. The Society has, however, supported planning applications in furtherance of agricultural needs.

In 2009 the land at Forty Green was put up for sale. Two groups of residents tried to buy the land to secure its future use for animal grazing and agricultural activities but were outbid by a buyer in Saudi Arabia.

In 2010, although horses are again grazing on the field, the Society has become aware of a scheme to divide the field into 147 "building" plots on the "King's Estate" and to sell them at prices far in excess of their worth as agricultural land. The Society will oppose such plans vigorously and are confident of success in the light of the fact that the land remains as Green belt.

Wycombe District Council has stated that this land is not appropriate for and not needed for residential development and has posted notices around the field to this effect (see photo on home page).

The main purpose of this website is to warn prospective purchasers that they will most likely not be making an investment capable of giving a financial profit for a very, very long time.