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Difficult access to field at Forty Green (King's Estate)

There is only one entrance to the field, which is at the end of Forty Green Drive (marked by the balloon in the lower Google Map). To get to it drivers must pass along Spinfield Line, which is, in parts, a single-carriage road with passing points and therefore not suitable for a large volume of traffic.

Zoom in on the satellite view map to get a better view of the difficulties posed by this narrow winding road which is on a steep hill at the end which joins Henley Road.

There is heavy congestion twice a day on Terrington Hill when children are driven to and from school. The parents park their cars in the street either to get out and walk their children to the school or to wait for their children to come out. Extra traffic going to a housing development at Forty Green would present an increased danger to children on foot and more congestion outside the school.

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